Therapy Services

SPS features a large staff of experienced clinicians. Many of them have been with the practice for over a decade.  SPS has therapists available to treat a wide range of problems presented by clients of all ages. This also allows for affiliations with all major insurance panels, office hours Monday through Saturday, and the flexibility to initiate treatment within a week under most circumstances. Treatment services include individual therapy, marital/couples, child and family therapy.  Due to the number of therapists affiliated with SPS, a range of treatment perspectives and specializations are offered. These include Christian/spirituality-based counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, attachment work and stress management/reduction.  Unique clinical specializations include eating disorders, attachment problems (particularly with adoption), chronic illness, and high-conflict divorce. Please check the roster of SPS clinicians for a listing of their therapy, clinical and assessment specializations.

Assessment Services

SPS has clinicians trained to provide assessments of serious clinical and cognitive conditions. Evaluations include psychometric testing, diagnostic interviewing, report writing, client feedback and consultation to relevant professionals. 

Neuropsychological: Evaluation of memory, concentration, organizational and other cognitive impairments associated with dementia, stroke, head injury or other neurological conditions performed by an experienced neuropsychologist. 

Learning Disabilities/Attention Deficit Disorder: Assessment of attention problems, learning process deficits, language delays, intellectual impairments and other conditions affecting academic and social performance conducted by a certified school psychologist. 

Alcohol/Substance Abuse Assessments:  Assessment of alcohol and other substance abuse is provided by a certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). These are done under voluntary or court-ordered circumstances. 

Violence/Risk Assessments: Evaluation of concerns regarding school, workplace or interpersonal aggression carried out by a forensic psychologist under school/employer/court mandated circumstances. 

Bariatric Assessments: Psychological appropriateness for bariatric (gastric bypass) surgery as determined by a health psychologist.

Consultation Services

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): SPS has been providing EAP services for the Berea City School system for several years.  Services include 3 assessment/intervention sessions and referrals for employees experiencing personal, family and/or work-related issues.  Due to the personal relationship we establish with businesses, SPS is able to offer more timely, focused and cost-effective services than larger EAP organizations.

Critical Incident Debriefing: Clinicians experienced in responding to and working with traumatic work/school-based events are available within 24 hours to assist employees/students.

Socialization Groups For Children & Adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome

Strongsville Psychological Services offers two socialization groups for children ages (10-13) and adolescents ages (13+) diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.

The groups provide an opportunity for individuals with Asperger's to develop more adaptive skills through direct instruction, modeling, and practice within an environment of their peers. Individuals will be included based on their age and developmental level.

 The objectives for the groups are as follows:

  • Increase understanding of Asperger's
  • Improve social skills
  • Enhance self-awareness and expressiveness
  • Promote self-confidence

Group sessions follow a consistent routine, include evidenced-based instruction, and allow for practice of essential skills. Services will be provided by an experienced school psychologist. Parents will be provided with copies of activities and receive updates regarding their child's progress, and a screening interview will be conducted.

Group sessions began in March 2012 and meet every other Tuesday from 6:30 - 7:30pm. Please contact us with questions and for additional details.