Assessment Services

SPS has clinicians trained to provide assessments of serious clinical and cognitive conditions. Evaluations include psychometric testing, diagnostic interviewing, report writing, client feedback and consultation to relevant professionals. 

Neuropsychological: Evaluation of memory, concentration, organizational and other cognitive impairments associated with dementia, stroke, head injury or other neurological conditions performed by an experienced neuropsychologist. 

Learning Disabilities/Attention Deficit Disorder: Assessment of attention problems, learning process deficits, language delays, intellectual impairments and other conditions affecting academic and social performance conducted by a certified school psychologist. 

Alcohol/Substance Abuse Assessments:  Assessment of alcohol and other substance abuse is provided by a certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). These are done under voluntary or court-ordered circumstances. 

Violence/Risk Assessments: Evaluation of concerns regarding school, workplace or interpersonal aggression carried out by a forensic psychologist under school/employer/court mandated circumstances. 

Bariatric Assessments: Psychological appropriateness for bariatric (gastric bypass) surgery as determined by a health psychologist.